Coffee Corner: Bancroft | Pod & Parcel

By Lauren Drzewucki


To introduce our new blog series, Coffee Corner, a deep dive into our biodegradable coffee pods, we thought we’d start with all time customer favourite blend, Bancroft. Read on to learn 3 new insights into your morning Bancroft coffee!


1. Bancroft’s Name Origins

Opening week at Il Capuccino, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, May 1954. Harry Bancroft second from right.


Surely you’ve wondered where all our unique coffee pod names come from? We’re here to give you some clarity.

Bancroft is named after Harry and Peter Bancroft - the father & son duo who, after a visit to London’s first espresso bar, secured the rights to Gaggia espresso machine and brought them over to Melbourne in 1953 for their cafe Il Cappuccino in St Kilda.

Popularity for the machine increased, and the following year the beloved Pelligrinis on Bourke St and University Cafe on Lygon St purchased their own machines. As such, our Bancroft blend is an historical nod to the family who founded the cafe culture that Melbourne is now world-famous for.


2. What’s the perfect match for Bancroft?


Milk, milk, milk. If you love your specialty coffee to be smooth and creamy, look no further than your favourite milk - dairy or otherwise! We’re big fans of Oatly, Happy Happy Soy Boy for the soy fans, or for an almond-lover look no further than Almo Milk.

For food pairings, we recommend something on the lighter side so your meal doesn’t compete with the richness of Bancroft’s coffee beans (it’s definitely one of our most flavoursome coffee roasts, and you can thank the note of nougat and molasses for that).

For brekky, pair your freshly brewed Bancroft with fruit breakfast muffin, or for our savoury lovers fresh avo on toasted sourdough will go down a treat.


3. Customer thoughts on their first taste of Bancroft?


It’s tricky to pick a favourite, but one of the best compliments our Bancroft coffee pods received is from Arno, who is a massive fan of how of our biodegradable coffee pods are not only good for the environment, but also taste “bloody good. First sip and I was sold!!! Thanks a million Pod & Parcel, I’m stoked that I’ve finally found some Nespresso compatible coffee pods that actually taste good.”



"A delicious coffee full of flavour without any bitter edge" Louise E, Customer