5 easy tips for a more sustainable year ahead

By Lauren Drzewucki


At Pod & Parcel we think the turn of a new year is the perfect opportunity to reassess and update your daily habits, to tread a little lighter on the planet.  

We’ve compiled a handy list of the 5 top tips for a more sustainable year ahead - try to add some to your daily routine!


1. Compost your used coffee grounds.


Your used Pod & Parcel coffee grounds are high in minerals that are vital for plant growth, so it’s a fantastic addition to make to your soil.

Make sure that the plants you’re introducing coffee to can handle the high acidity (hydrangeas and azaleas love coffee grounds!), and get ready to watch your plants blossom to new heights.


2. Recycle your pods correctly.


Though you’ve already made a massive positive contribution to the planet by opting for our biodegradable and compostable pods, you can take things a step further and ensure you’re recycling your pods correctly. Read our handy how-to guide on how to dispose of your pods here.


3. Opt for reusable over plastic.

Though it’s tempting and often easier to buy bottled water, plastic consumption is one of the major contributors to landfill and takes over 1000 years to decompose.

We’re loving these reusable cups from Made by Fressko as an alternative to plastic.



4. Buy local and sustainable food.

Make the most of our incredible Aussie produce and get locally grown fruit & veggies delivered. If that’s not an option, try to shop seasonally in supermarkets - it will not only taste better, but seasonal produce means your food hasn’t travelled as far to get to your supermarket shelf, meaning less carbon emissions in our atmosphere.

You can also reduce your food waste by planning meals ahead of time and only buying what you need. Love Food, Hate Waste has some great advice on eating sustainably.



5. Walk, don’t drive.

For the odd occasion that you’ve got the time to walk to the shops or walk to meet a friend, opt for the more environmental option.

For those who don’t have the option to walk, public transport is a more economically and environmentally friendly option.


Good luck! Make 2021 the year you make small changes to make a big impact.