Hartmann Estate Story

By Ben Goodman

Panama’s Hartmann Estate, known for producing the best coffee in the world has been excelling since 1912. The Estate still operates amongst the family, specifically using the ‘Black Winey’ method, which produces a rich, acidic cup. Our team have developed a coffee pod using the Hartmann Estate’s beans, so you can have the premium taste at home, but only for a limited time.

The ‘Black Winey’ style of roasting coffee was exclusively produced by the Hartmann family, after Mr Alois St. Hartmann (also known as Luis) born in 1891 and escaped Czechoslovakia just before the First World War. After migrating to Pennsylvania, he relocated to Panama, where he decided that he would begin farming coffee – thus, the Hartmann Estate was born.

This process starts with over-ripe cherries which are left to dry on raised beds with the pulp still in-tact. The result is a complex, fruit-driven coffee, which is still rich in flavour. Although you can use milk with this coffee, it is recommended to drink it filter or black to showcase the quality and the flavour of the cup.

Ratibor is one of the five remaining Hartmann siblings who are involved in the management and operations of the coffee estate, which is now a third-generation farm, with Ratibor focusing on maintaining the quality of the coffee and the brand of Hartmann Estate.

As Panama borders the rich land of Colombia and Costa Rica, this was the perfect spot to farm coffee, due to the rich soils and highlands which were perfect for harvesting the beans – and we are ecstatic to share this limited range with you.