Get to know Bezzera

By Lauren Drzewucki


With its 13/13 intensity, Bezzera is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

However, not only is Bezzera our strongest variety, but it's also one of the most versatile and unique. Read on to learn about what makes this customer favourite so special.


1. Bezzera is a respectful nod to the inventor of the single shot espresso.

These days making coffee is as simple as popping one of our biodegradable pods into your favourite Nespresso machine, pressing a button, and a short 15 seconds later you're enjoying cafe quality coffee. However it wasn't always this simple.

In the early 20th century, a manufacturer by the name of - you guessed it - Luigi Bezzera invented the single shot espresso; a method of quickly brewing coffee directly into the cup.  Bezzera's original parent involved heating a large boiler with built-in burner chambers until they filled up with water, the water heated up, and then pushed through a tamped puck of ground coffee. Sound familiar?

Fig1: Bezzera's espresso machine at the 1906 Milan Fair.


2. It's a coffee for everyone.

Bezzera is great for the die-hard caffeine fans who like to gulp their espresso and go (we're looking at you, gym lovers), but on the same token it's also great for those who like to enjoy their coffee with milk. As Bezzera has a 13/13 intensity, those pairing their Bezzera espresso with milk will still enjoy a strong coffee flavour, it will just be dulled down slightly.



3. It's a customer favourite.

Since we started Pod & Parcel in 2016, Bezzera has consistently been one of our top sellers, and it's no wonder why. With such a delicious and smooth taste, combined with a high caffeine concentration, Bezzera is great variety to have on hand for any coffee drinker.



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