Here’s why you should always have Calexte in your cupboard

By Lauren Drzewucki

Tossing up between blends for your next delivery? Here's everything you need to know about our Columbian & Tanzanian roast, Calexte.

1. It’s got that somethin’ special.


The Columbian beans in Calexte boast delicious notes of dark toffee and caramel, but in order to make this blend extra special, we’ve sourced what we reckon is the perfect match: a Tanzanian arabica, which adds that little hint of freshness thanks to its sweet strawberry notes. This addition also helps to give Calexte a flavour profile that is low in acidity and well balanced.


2. It’s the perfect blend for coffee first-timers.


Calexte is low intensity, meaning the caffeine and taste won’t bowl you over. This means it’s a great introductory blend, for those who aren’t used to being 4 pods in at 9am. With that said, this makes it great for coffee-addicts who need a little caffeine to get past 3pm, but don’t want to be up all night.


3. It’s a versatile blend.


Calexte is great with milk, or without milk. This means it’s a perfect go-to blend to have in the cupboard, that will satisfy even the pickiest of coffee drinkers!


4. You know you’re drinking a quality cup.


Like all our blends, Calexte is a speciality grade coffee, which means it’s got a cupping score above 80 (that’s 30 points more than a mainstream coffee rating!). You can read more about our coffee grading process here.


Next time you’re tossing up coffee varieties to add to your delivery, consider adding a pack or two of Calexte to the mix!