5 Ways to Upcycle your Shipper Box

By Lauren Drzewucki

It’s no surprise that we’re pretty big on the whole sustainability thing, and we absolutely love that our pods and boxes are compostable...however upcycling is even better!

Here are some genius ideas from our community, to inspire you to upcycle the shipper box from your next coffee delivery.


1. Recycle it as a gift box to deliver treats to your mates.

Image: Ali Dale via Facebook.

Home delivered scones are the definition of true friendship. One of the many plus sides to this upcycling technique is the likelihood of receiving the box back from your mate with treats in it. It's a win-win.


2. Give your furry friends a cool new recycled crib.

Image: Beatrice Marks via Facebook.

Cats absolutely love snuggling up in our shipper boxes. Who needs to go spend you hard earned cash on pet beds when you've got this castle for cats sitting in your pantry?


3. Store your gym equipment.

Image: Dani Stevenson via Facebook.

This probably won’t work for the aspiring Arnold Schwarzeneggers amongst us who are bench pressing 100kg, but for those who keep it simple with a skipping rope & resistance band, our shipper box is the recycled storage box for you!


4. Entertain your baby for hours.

Image: Melanie Gelanie via Facebook.

Who would have thought that our compostable & biodegradable shipper box could help with developmental motor skills! This 'post box' is a cute and clever way to upcycle.


5. Make Marie Kondo proud.

Image: Angelina Sawyer via Facebook.

Teach your kids to store their toys in this upcycled storage box, and you’ll no longer have to worry about stepping on lego pieces in the middle of the night.


We love seeing your upcycling techniques with our biodegrable and compostible shipper box! If you feel inspired to upcycle using our above tips, or have your own you'd like to share, tag us on instagram @podandparcel so we can share the upcycling love.