5 steps to a beautiful pantry

By Lauren Drzewucki


Turn your pantry into a place you actually want to visit, with our five top tips to organised pantry bliss.



1. Start with a ✨sparkly clean✨ blank canvas.

Roll up your sleeves; it’s time to clear out all your pantry clutter! Reassess what you’ve got, throw out whatever’s past its expiry and wipe down any dust. We recommend taking everything out (yes, everything) and redeciding what to pop back in. Sometimes we forget what’s even lurking back in the deep corners of our pantry and possibly find a hidden gem or two along the way!



2. Label, label, label.

Get yourself a label maker - we love this one from Officeworks - or use the old fashioned way of writing your own labels (these are from Officeworks too).




3. Organise by colour or package type.

Cans go with cans, pasta goes with pasta, and Pod & Parcel boxes go with Pod & Parcel boxes 😉 An organised pantry is all about visual repetition. Why do supermarkets and stores look so appealing, we ask you? Because they spend so much time thinking about how to present things to you! Do the same for your home and aim to admire your cupboards every time you open them up, rather than dread the thought of even going there because you can’t find the sugar.




4. Use aesthetic storage.

Not every brand has the benefit of gorgeous packaging like Pod & Parcel 😉 Ditch the ugly packaging and pop them into your choice of container. We love reusing glass jars with lids - just like how we've stored our cinnamon in a clean salsa jar below! You look at your pantry every day, so a picture-perfect pantry presentation is the best kind of present you can give yourself!




5. Keep up the good work.

Pantry maintenance is key if you want it to be a place of organisational bliss all year-round. Put some time in your diary or a recurring meeting for yourself every month to repeat these steps. Consistency and cleanliness is key!


Running low on pods for your pantry?